How to get there?

In summer, it is possible to drive to Mountain Lodge Portášky, by a regular road. In winter it is impossible to reach the Mountain Lodge Portášky! Transportation from Velka Upa is possible by cableway, snowcats or snowmobiles. The car must be left in the car park at the Atlas Hotel or at the Velká Úpa Central Car Park. At Hotel Atlas you need to book ahead!


Transportation in Summer


Transportation in winter

Route description - summer
(the path when there is no snow)
 Route description - winter
(the way when it's snow)

How to reach us directly from you?

Enter the address from where you will come from and you will know how far you have to reach us and at the same time get a complete description of the trip, including the map.

Ulice, Město nebo obec, Stát:

+420 608 901 390

Velká Úpa č.p. 110
542 22
Pec pod Sněžkou

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